Environmental awareness / cycle

Environmental protection and sustainability are integral to everything we do. The environmental compatibility of our products, combined with the satisfaction of our customers are our top priority. To ensure a steady reduction of our carbon footprint, all our activities are constantly being optimized and tested, so that they have the least possible negative impact on nature. Figures on which we are proud:

  • Savings of approximately 34,000 tons of oil (equivalent to approx. 40 million liters of valuable oil) for the production of new plastics.
  • And thus waiving load of approx. 600.000m³ needed for the production of water
  • And so approx. 25,000 tonnes less waste in landfills
  • LPG reduction by CO² reduction by approx. 30,000 tons
  • Fuel savings of approx. 350,000 liters by using the nearby biogas plant
  • Cost advantage for our customers depending on usage of up to 50%

This is just some key data, resulting from the recycling of plastic waste and which positive effects eco-friendly production can have.